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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Very well put indeed! Joy is to found in that which lets one think without regard to either conformity nor rebellion.
Originally Posted by Hookah-burdar View Post
Well Hajo, I think we might share the same views, even if I consider myself unable to express them as well as you did, at least in decent English. Now, I would follow the moto of the International Commitee of Pipe Clubs (CIPC or Comité International des Pipes Clubs) "Relax with your pipe"... By the way, neither is smoking a good bowl of a nice english mixture with plenty of Latakia, orientals, to enrich some good Virginia leafes (with a hint of Louisiana's Perique) a fashionable pleasure these days... Tant pis pour les autres (So bad for the others!). After all, we might feel or might be alienated, but, in the end, we would'nt like to be part of THAT mainstream, would we? Speaking for myself, I would have to admit that I look after rare, old fashionable, outmoded behaviours, clothes, and interests, partly, because I do not want to be associated with the mainstream... It is kind of a reaction... If a modern Gin becomes fashionable and is widely advertised, say the rather expensive Hendricks, for example, I begin drinking BOLS Dutch old fashioned but original (and tasty) Gin (Very old one: Oude Jenever), or even more oldfashioned stuff like BOLS CORENWYN JENEVER, a really primitive stuff, distilled as it was done 200 years ago or more...
Then, of course, we do have so much to learn from other cultures, or just from past generations, our societies so often tend to forget... These days History is continously being manipulated for political reasons, on a scale which might only be proportionated to the development of the Media, the Web and so on, and the spead of some Western (bad) habits... There seldom is, among most politicians, and too many voters, a sincere attempt at trying to approach the truth (of the past or of a given culture or civilisation). So many books, research, or TV programs are biased and try to manipulate, or just stay at a very superficial level... As said, we'd better RELAX WITH OUR PIPES!
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