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Default Re: Clean an Unwashable Hose

Originally Posted by andrewnnix View Post
i also wash my non washable hoses. i figure the ash and dust that is in them is going to mean i need to replace it any way why not get a few more sessions out of my hoses.

i use the little tiny brush and attached it to a wire that i feed through the hose to scrub the inside of the hose, then i blow distilled water through it till it comes out clean, then mix lemon juice and distilled water through the hose, and then clear it out with distilled water again and hang it up to dry.
You are a braver person than I. Personally I would not want to inhale particles of rust from inside the hose. That could make you sick. I washed non-washable hoses in the past and that was the end of those hoses.
My recommendation would be not to wash a non-washable hose with water or any other liquid but then again who am I to stop you.
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