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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Originally Posted by Ignited View Post
You must live a pretty bitter life then, you are protesting a perpetual movement that has been going on for ages and will continue despite your anguish towards it. No, human kind is not on a downward spiral and what you claim as a bad thing is called change and cultural fusion. You are border lining xenophobia.
Before you make such presumptuous and ill informed statements about me I suggest that you actually have some inkling about what I believe and why. It’s the polite thing to do and since you are likely to be completely unaware about my weltanschauung I ask that rather then assume and condemn you inquire.

As to xenophobic I’ll over look that it’s a loaded term designed to cause a Pavlovian reaction and simply label one a heretic and point out that I have pretty wide ranging experience with how things are done by people not like me. I’ve lived several countries, fought two wars, seen genocide first hand, travel about 10 months out of the year, have a couple of bachelors, one masters and doctorate and managed to experience then most. If you want some details I’ve give a bit but a little respect would be nice. Also, save the pop psychology since kinda stuff never offers much and doesn’t work at all when it’s based on nothing but empty preconceptions.

As to perpetual movements well, my grasp of meta history is pretty good and a bit more varied then most. If you are up to discussing dialecticism, linear and cyclical theory I’m up for it from several different traditions. That subject is better handled someplace other then here since it's not topic.

Basically, my thread simple demonstrates what I see as the superficiality of the post West after the demise of Gesellschaft with special attention to devolution of moassel. The othr things I address are more tangential but if you want to go into them in depth I may post something else where when I get some time.

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