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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

I share the same spite towards the tobacco and hipster lifestyle that seemed initiate this thread (check out my epic cotton vid review if you don't believe me). And while I do agree with Coyotero on the recent desire for DM and Softblack and whatnot, I cannot but help to feel that its really localized and by people who already truely respect a more full bodied tobacco flavor. A lot of you know I was back on R&R recently and in my little time back, looking at the city I am stationed at, looking at the lives of the people there, it bothers me, because all that seems to exist out there is this force that seems to be behind the hipsters and by what is presenting itself as culture. While there are still good aspects to mainstreaming, apparently deviating from that path is tantamount to sentencing oneself to be a pariah. Apparently thinking that a vocoder doesn't have to be used in each song, that Tiger Woods's problems are his own, that I don't care what the divorced couple from that reality show are saying about each other now is wrong. Not only has this creeping phenomena taken over, but it has gained the ability to arm itself and attempt to hunt out competing thoughts and preferences. This perpetual movement is believed to be beneficial because change is being taught as always a good thing, when in reality, sometimes tradition exists because its the better way to handle things. I am actually to frustrated to write out something as lengthy as some of the posts above, but let us just say I am looking forward to coming back home, going back to school, and distancing myself from the offensive reaches of whatever you want to call this.

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