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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

I here ya Hajo. Ya know, unfortunately, though, as for the "candy" shisha goes, it's and industry, a business, and business goes where goes the money . . . unfortunately the money these days is leading to syrupy, mass market candy flavored trop instead of more traditional blends of tobacco. I am not making excuses for the trend. Just laying the blame where I see the blame owned. As long as we stive for a social system where gain is the driving force then wherever the greater gain is viewed is where the social trends will also tend to migrate.

As for the other well stated points you make . . . I wish I could comment on them. But I feel I'm too far removed from them to really be objective. Still, your point was well put and well taken, here anyway. I am in agreement with you. Changes need to come about and I believe that they are, just in a fashion that might not be recognizeable at the time. Eventually the wolves will all eat each other up and what will be left, well, I guess we'll see.

Take care friend and smoke happy.

Al Fakher Large Solid and a bowl of DM . . . life is good!
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