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Default Re: hookah lounge profits?

i know a few people that worked at lounges and have friends of close friends that ran a local lounge, and from everything ive heard it is very hard to get a good amount of money in from it. the only way most of them seem to get cash in is from sales of hookahs and supplies or from food.

the local good lounge back home has a "cover charge" where you have to buy a drink (bottled sodas at 1.75 or something like that) but realistically on a busy night they probably only make 150-250 from drink sales at best. you probably get 10-12 bucks out of a 15 bucks hookah after covering the over head of the hookahs/hoses/shisha/coals etc. but you have to cover all the rent, wages, utilities, upkeep etc etc.

so say you have a building that can hold 50 people by fire code. realistically you could count on 15 hookahs going at full capacity, expect a turn over of 4 times on a busy night. 60 hookahs (900 bucks gross, plus 350 bucks gross on drinks). wage for 4 people for 8 hours say 256 at 8 bucks/hour, 200 for tobacco and coals and the broken/worn out hookah stuff, 150 bucks on drinks if you are getting a good whole sale price, 100 bucks in utilities and rent a night. 700 bucks about in costs per night with that, net of 550.

that is assuming a great night but during the week it is going to be slower plus having to buy all the furniture and hookahs to start it.

if you have a big lounge you probably could bring in some money, especially if you have a full menu but then that takes more start up and more things to cover.

you probably net no more than 5 figures in a year if you have a good lounge if you are lucky, not exactly a great amount and the first year you can count on all of it going to pay back startup money.

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