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Default Re: the risks of ebay

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
KoRnKitten will know .. she use to have a Stargate and loved it!

Good price for a hookah, too bad it wasn't packaged up better.

I did love mine. I had a 30 inch gun metal stargate though. I actually just threw her away last month after she sat in my kitchen being neglected because I kept saying I was going to refurbish her acrylic. It never happened. I miss her. She was my favorite one. I still haven't found a hookah that makes me as happy to this day

Originally Posted by texashookah91 View Post
I have this same Stargate hookah, but mine is 30 inches. Be careful when you are screwing the stem into the base because you can strip the acrylic really easy. Other then that nice hookah
Quoted for truth. KEEP YOUR ACRYLIC LUBED/ OILED and be GENTLE w/ it. It will start to shave off the acrylic when you are threading and it will start to leak air. : /

Also, water gets into the hose easier in this hookah, than my other ones. Try using a little less water. I only filled it up about and 1 and 1/2 over the stem or approx half the way of the bottom of the base and the acrylic.

Good luck. you got a great deal and it's legit.

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