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Default Re: Tunisian afternoon, at home in Madrid (Spain)

Originally Posted by Hookah-burdar View Post
I just uploaded some pictures of my first Tunisian Shisha (waterpipe) taken this afternoon. It was a gift for my birthday back in 1998, while staying in Tunis with my Tunisian girlfriend. I then changed the hose ("Djebbed") two years later on another trip to Tunisia, choosing a better one (best quality available then) to suit the very nice Bohemian crystal base.

Pictures are in an Album called Tunisian pipes ("shisha"). By the way, if I insist on saying, or reminding You that "shisha" means bottle, and hence water-pipe in both Egypt and Tunisia (it being called Arghile or Narghile in Syria, Palestine, Israel, or lebanon, and Nargile in Turkey, Hookah in India or Kalyan or Galyoun in Iran (among other names for particular waterpipes (either small or with some particularity), it is just to inform you. I do not intend to convince you of stop calling tobacco molasses ("Moassel") Sisha, but I just won't call the tobacco mixture "shisha"...
By the way, in dialectal Tunisian Arabic, they wrongly call their "moassel" "TOMBAK", or sometimes, the plain one (such a SHEIKH EL BALAD) "Jurak". SHEIKH EL BALAD is in fact plain molasses, not "tombak" nor "Jurak".
Tomorrow I will smoke another popular brand in Tunisia, called AMBRE, which says "AMBRE TOMBAK" on the box. Again, it is "moassel", with a slight touch of amber.
thanks man. I'm well aware of the proper terminology w/regards to region, btw. That's nice looking shisha. The lack of purge reminds me of some turkish narghile. The hose looks very Syrian in style as well. Beautiful!!
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