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Default Re: Tunisian afternoon, at home in Madrid (Spain)

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
thanks man. I'm well aware of the proper terminology w/regards to region, btw. That's nice looking shisha. The lack of purge reminds me of some turkish narghile. The hose looks very Syrian in style as well. Beautiful!!
Well traditional Tunisian pipes as Turkish nargiles (you might have seen two nice ELMAS NARGILES in the background of some of the pictures) did not use to have purges.
Then the hose is typically Tunisian, a mix between Turkish and Egyptian, I would say: the Turkish influence in Tunisia was great, since the Ottomans ruled the country for quite some time. The Tunisian hoses usually have long wooden handles, much heavier than Turkish ones, but almost as long. They used to be exported to other middle Eastern countries, before the current explosion of "Shishamania" around the world took place, starting about ten years ago. Now the Western, mostly the US market rules, I would say, and western customers as well as rich ones in Arab countries are either preferring Nammors, Razans or Narbish ones or rediscovered leather hoses... (I believe).
I will keep adding pictures of my other pipes. Check my other nice Tunisian with Bohemian bottle: another birthday gift that I love.
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