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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
What I’ve noted is that people squawking about the glories of diversity use the term to promote the notion that the formerly Western World should be less Western and more reflective of either the anti-culture or various non-Western culture. They never seem to suggest that a non Western society needs more Europeans or to be less like what ever the indigenous culture has made it to be. As a result the diversity proponents actually are unconsciously either cultural nihilists, Bolshevists or ethnic advocates and as such they confuse homogenization with diversity. Personally I find quite a lot to commend in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and a wide range of Asian cultures and fail to see any fault within those cultures so severe that they need to accommodate themselves to either the moribund and rapidly dying West or to the banalities of the anti-culture.
As to the moassel analogy that started off this thread and Coyotero’s take on it I’d say that yes, when one experiences something real rather then something contrived it can be a sort of epiphany like revelation (to put it crassly) because it’s honest, simple a reflects something that has been largely lost to use. For me the craftsmanship that goes into real moassel is as appealing as the taste that remind one something other then food or drinks one can get anywhere.
I couldn't agree more. Bravo Hajo!
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