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Default Re: the risks of ebay

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
now that its been a few days, how is the hookah doing?
smokes like a champ, ive used it proly 5-6 times now and the only complaint i have is it's a lil difficult to get all the water out of the base since there's a lip between where the acryllic and metal are joined and since we have hard water here the mineral deposits build up kinda fast so i need to get some long hookah brushes for the stem and chamber, and thanks to KornKitten who helped me determine that it's a real stargate hookah and not the knock off espresso hookah, oh and the guy i got it from is sending me a phunnel bowl to compensate for the other bowl & minor damage to the hookah w00t w00t!!
What the Fhtagn?
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