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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

The industry goes where the industry goes. However, I dont think I would be wrong in making an assumption that the members on this site are here because they desire the most satisfying hookah experience possible. The average hookah smoker does not go seeking out hookah communities. They go to a lounge and order by flavor not by brand, and then they go to the store by a cheap little hookah and attempt to duplicate the lounge experience at home. A few of those people wind up becoming curious and refine their tastes, others might have refined their taste but have little access to any variety at all. I would hope that everyone here have a natural curiosity to try anything out there. I as well want the best hookah sessions I can achieve. Thanks to this community I have found new tobaccos and been able to try things that are not mass produced and "candyish".
The masses go where the masses go, it is my desire to be separate from the masses.
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