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Default Re: Tunisian afternoon, at home in Madrid (Spain)

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I regret to say that outside of a charming girl that lives in the U.K. and yourself it seems that no other Tunisians are here which is a pity since Tunisian craftsmanship is excellent and they have as much as any other nation I can think of to add to our understanding of all things narghile related. Personally I am huge fan of Sheikh El Balad although Ambre is decent I prefer El Kif, Arous El Nile and El Gondoul to it.
As to terms, well I confess to be confused by the way Tunisians use the terms tombac and jurak. I haven’t spent much time in Tunis but I have noted that in the more rural parts of the country people actually use the correct terms. I also have had far less luck finding old fashioned Tunisian jurak, tombac and black moassel then I would like. The few I have had are very strong and remind me more of Persian products which is odd since I know that they have no connections. I suppose it is because they often use something that reminds of Bergamot oil
Hajo, I dated a Tunisian girl for about five years, and I am very much interested in the country, but I am a Spaniard, who was born abroad, spent a third of his life, so far, abroad, but mostly in Northern Europe. I attended French schools, and then started learning English, as a third language and German as a fourth. For the last twenty years of so I have been interested in the Arab culture, particularly its classical music and art. I just started learning Arabic a few months ago. Now, about Tunisia, I have visited the country quite a number of times. For us, Spaniards, Tunisia is close and cheap, and I have some good friends over there. I actually always went to friends homes when I visited Tunisia. In my opinion this is a very good way to get acquainted with a country, and the culture of its inhabitants.
Hope You loved Lotfi Bouchnâk! (There are'nt too many recordings of him, but there are quite a number of videos on Youtube) I was fortunate enough to listen to him life at the "Théatre Municipal" (the old colonial one, built by the French) some years ago.

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