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Default Re: Tunisian afternoon, at home in Madrid (Spain)

I am familiar with the excellent work of Kamal but I will differ on the matter of the use of water pipes in the South of Tunisia for the simple reason that I have had a great many experiences with smoking in the region. In particular I like the cafes I went to in the Kebili and Tataouine Governorates. In the case of the former I enjoyed locally made blended tombac which I found similar to what I had in Turkmenistan while the former had some fantastic black and old fashioned spice moassels. I think I have a little bit left from those trips but I am not sure. Interestingly, I also noticed and got to smoke from several narghiles ( that is the term, or some variant, I use since that is the term I most often in encounter when I travel) that use a metal, usually brass, or bone tube rather then a hose. I did notice that modern style jurak simply wasn’t to be found in such places which suited me. Also refreshing was the very laid back, social nature of the cafes I wondered into and I noticed that segregated the smokers according to what they smoked and that such establishments lacked stereos or TVs. I was always treated well in spite of looks and the use of a translator. I did also note that females were almost always absent from the cafes and that the ritual aspect of smoking is a good deal more common then what one typically finds the large urban cafes.
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