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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

so im just going to go out and ask this before i start, shouldnt this be in serious discussion? now any way

Hajo i agree part way with you about the tobacco stuff, i dont like a lot of the super fake stuff but i dont really want to usually smoke something very traditional, i keep to nakhla usually and toss in some tangiers once in a while, i like stuff that is "candyish" but not everything, certain flavors are better IMHO as a candy flavor (grape, lime- which even as a candy flavor is very true to the real flavor, even rose is a "candy"). i like having tobacco undertones but if i want a robust tobacco flavor i will pull out a nice cigar.

as to the general talk about the BS with people., ya there is a lot of it but part of it is that we hear about it more and with social media and modern communications it is more centralized than it has been in the past. it seems like in america there is a much louder cry from the extreme right than from any other group, partly of the religious groups that want everyone to follow their beliefs; the groups that call for more power to be given to the states as apposed to the feds yet when the states try to exercise the powers of regulation and taxation they yell and moan again that they are being forced to do things.

people need to understand the larger and more diverse a group of people, be it a club, school, class, town, city, state, nation, world, what ever, you need to have more regulation to prevent things from going wild.

look at the "freedom" and "Capitalism" that is pushed in america, capitalism has gone from the textbook idea of making a better product because they will make more money to making the lowest acceptable product and charging the most they can get away with it. the freedom that some people say is a "right" is taken to be freedom to do what they want when ever they want with no regard to their fellow man.

i am seeing some "anti-progressive" in some of the posts here and frankly you cannot look at history with out seeing "progressives", the founding fathers were not conservative by a long shot, they were very radical, anti slavery was radical, civil rights movements were radical, yet we dont see any of them as being bad now. hell the norm up until about 60 years ago native americans were not granted the right to vote (starting with new mexico and arizona) despite the fact they fought in every war america has had

to the multicultural discussion, i dont think a total blending is good but everyone has blended cultures to some extent. my self looking around my apartment alone i have middle eastern from my hookah hobby, a touch of asian/English culture from my loose leaf tea and all the info i have gained learning about that, italian from my heritage but a big chunk of it from my studies in glass working, a vast mix match of history and culture from my metalsmithing studies, and a lot of "western" culture cause i live in. i have a different view of the world than the average 20 year old from the bit i have traveled, the info/thoughts/opinions i have heard from my family that has been exposed to many cultures, my trail to eagle scout, and my experiences of the native american culture through scouts. basically what i am getting at is most people/communities/cultures have a lot of influences from outside groups and it is not a bad thing the vast majority of the time. i think as i read your posts Hajo that more or less i agree with you on this subject

Hookah-burdar, you raise a good point about "luxury" items but i think in a lot of fields it has gone 2 ways, 1 to the low cost, cheap, crap, and the other to the very high quality. i see this daily and ponder it in relation to glass working. the degree i am seeking is "craft/material studies" since it is a BFA there is a lot of "art" (i.e. conceptualism) pushed with it, but frankly people dont buy shit cause of the concept 99% of the time. in the glass world most of the true craftsmen have gone out of business since the chineese can make it look good enough and make it cheaper so the general public will pay 20 bucks for a low quality vase that looks ok compared to the 400 buck vase that is quality glass, well made, and not just one more of a billion production pieces. even murano italy, known as the center of glass, doesnt make a lot of glass any more , they get a lot of stuff in from china and sell it a "italian glass".

i dont think im really going any where with any of this, just responding to everything i am seeing here

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