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Default Re: Hookah in Public? (Portland/Beaverton, OR)

I've never had a problem before. It recently became nice enough out that I've started smoking outside. I've smoked in a few different areas, busy parks, in the city, and on campus. In general there hasn't been many issues, once in awhile there is the occasional older person who thinks you're smoking illegal substances and comes over with an attitude. Most of the time though, people just seem interested and will come over and chat.

That being said, I was smoking in the park once, and the cops came, someone had called about us. The cops basically walked up, we showed him our tobacco boxes and such, he had no problem with it and said they were just required to respond. Basically he said he figured that no one was dumb enough to be smoking illegal substances out in the open like that and he just had to come so the person saw that he was checking it out, etc.

All in all smoking outside/in public places has been a generally positive experience, we've even started a few new people because of it (using mouthtips of course.) I say go for it, the more public awareness about the legal smoking of hookahs, the better.
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