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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Insofar as Hookah-burdar's points are concerned I can't really address them properly within this forum do to timely and topical matters. Instead I will say the Guildists, Distributalists, Christian Socialists (in the 18th and 19th century context) and Classical Corporatists, The Peasant Empowerment parties of the pre-war period as well as Islamic economic doctrine is the direction I look to.

A as to Matt again the matters you address are rather complicated and too far apart from the basic gist of my opening post and the overall thrust of this part of the forum. Still, I will state the terms Liberal, Conservative, Progressive and Traditionalist as they are commonly understood are meaningless in within the context of my weltanschauung. The mislabeled conservatives and liberals in the formally Western nations are both equally opposed to Traditionalism and equally malignant. In order to understand the perspective I hold you need to familiarize yourself with it’s cannon. I oppose statist economics and capitalism for the same reasons. Off hand i'd say that Burke's Madras to Mancester speach is worth a look to get a small taste of what I am talking about.

As to slavery I oppose it from a Traditionalist perspective because:
1) It broke off the slaves (of all races) in North America and the U.K from their organic settings and robbed them of their identity.
2) Slavery was simply another for globalism in which concentrated wealth was used as means to undermine the healthy, folkish elements of society by artificially denying them of a fair footing in the national economy for the benefit of plutocrats.
3) Causal brutality suppresses the development of normal societal ties and fosters imperialism and an overall sociopathic disregard for that which makes societal cohesion possible.

Getting back on topic I love real moassels, tombac and juraks not just because of the delightfully complex range of tastes and textures but also because I know they represent a real love and care for the best product possible within the context of a genuinely folkish expression of uniqueness. Seeing the artistry and hard that goes into making Shooting Star, The Pride of Al Qimishli or Bachi-Bagli Halva I can’t help but to be moved by the passion and honesty involved. I feel the same way when I make a real ale like Gotlandsdricka or Sahti. Such things are the perfect counter point to a general trend of crapulence that I see in all spheres of human endeavor.

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