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Default Lighting Nat Coals

I recently got an order from *banned vendor* (video reviews soon) and bought a 120 pack of ******* Hookah coals with the order. My problem is lighting them. Up until now, I've been using crappy random quick lights from local import stores. Obviously a BIC lighter is enough for those. My stove is a gas stove, and honestly I prefer not to light them inside anyways. I tried them over my propane grill, on the metal center insert, and after 20 minutes of no luck, gave up and just went with quick lights for tonight.

So my question is what do you use to light them? I see people using electric "coil" type stoves quite successfully, but I don't have one. What are my other options? I've been considering going out and buying some sort of single coil cooking thing, but don't know what to get. Has anyone found an electric powered coil heater that doesn't cost a fortune? I'm in the US, so if someone could recommend a product easy to find here I'd greatly appreciate it.


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