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Default Re: Tunisian afternoon, at home in Madrid (Spain)

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I am familiar with the excellent work of Kamal but I will differ on the matter of the use of water pipes in the South of Tunisia for the simple reason that I have had a great many experiences with smoking in the region. In particular I like the cafes I went to in the Kebili and Tataouine Governorates. In the case of the former I enjoyed locally made blended tombac which I found similar to what I had in Turkmenistan while the former had some fantastic black and old fashioned spice moassels. I think I have a little bit left from those trips but I am not sure. Interestingly, I also noticed and got to smoke from several narghiles ( that is the term, or some variant, I use since that is the term I most often in encounter when I travel) that use a metal, usually brass, or bone tube rather then a hose. I did notice that modern style jurak simply wasn’t to be found in such places which suited me. Also refreshing was the very laid back, social nature of the cafes I wondered into and I noticed that segregated the smokers according to what they smoked and that such establishments lacked stereos or TVs. I was always treated well in spite of looks and the use of a translator. I did also note that females were almost always absent from the cafes and that the ritual aspect of smoking is a good deal more common then what one typically finds the large urban cafes.
Very interesting Hajo. Do You think those cafés and traditional molasses are still to be found, even if only in the South? I haven't been to Tunisia since 2005, and would like to return soon. Las t time I went to the wedding of a Tunisian friend and then travelled across the North to Tabarka and the mountains behind.
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