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Default Nakhla buzz

I smoked my first bowl of Nakhla today. I went with Mizo Sweet Melon. The thing I find confusing is the buzz I experienced, or rather, didn't. Everywhere I look on this forum, I see people saying it's one of the stronger buzz's out there and so on. I hadn't smoked in a few days since I ran out of shisha, so I figured it would be a lot stronger than what I'm used to.

To put it simply, I experienced no buzz at all. When I smoke Romman, I get the typical light headed type buzz for a little while, then just a calming, relaxing feeling after that for the rest of the session. Is this because it's Nakhla Mizo, or could something else be going on? The only other difference in this session was that I used a new bowl, the Alien Mini Phunnel. I typically use a Vortex bowl. But I was still getting big, dense clouds, so I don't see why that would be the issue.

All in all, I loved the flavor, much stronger tasting than Romman, and lasted the length of the session. I do like the buzz from Romman more, and understood that this was supposed to be as strong, if not stronger than that? Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I'm sort of lost as to why this occured.

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