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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Hookah-burdar, i agree with you, im not trying to say that total change is good but i also think no change is worse. as an example i will again use glass working. the modern way people blow furnace glass is pretty much the same way that it has been done since the 14th cent in italy, the tools are pretty much the same (with the exception of modern alloys, machining, and welding on them as apposed to being made with iron and simple steels but the function, shapes, and uses are pretty much the same). we still use furnaces to melt the glass and the glass has the same chemicals in it. how ever we have developed better glass that requires more heat to melt, we use gas (some times electricity) to melt the glass in the furnace and have built glory holes (every one has 30 seconds to laugh about this one, that is it) which are tubular furnaces with no glass in them kept hotter than the main furnace to rehaeat pieces. we have computer controlled annealers as apposed to putting everything over the furnace and letting the fire die out by the next morning to cool pieces.

i think this example has a great balance of how tradition is kept very well but technology and progress has been used to augment as apposed to replace tradition

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