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Good advice, Ari. Thats the tack I'm taking these days, too. 50g packs of various brands/flavors. Keeping a list so that I can note my impressions of each one and then reorder the ones I prefer. It's all very scientific. LOL Not for the weak of heart! LOL Smoke happy.


Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
I recommend you get the smallest sizes offered in a variety of brands and a variety of flavors, learn the nuances of every brand and after trial and error you will begin to figure out what you like. Everyone has their own tastes, so i could tell you to get something i totally love and you will wind up hating it and thinking Im crazy.
I like tradtional black tobacco. Most people like frutiy sweet stuff. This forum the majority like Nakhla, followed by starbuzz and then AF.
I think if your completely new some good newbie flavors are the various fruits as well as AF mint. I think AF mint is a good staple to have around, it mixes well when something is overly sweet and its not overly powerful.
Blue mist is popular, it has a ton of fans. Not my thing but its a blueberry mint mix.
fantasia raspberry kamikaze is good one if your into sweet fruity flavors.
Nakhla double apple has die hard fans and also people that just say yuck to it.

I would say get a bunch of 50g flavors and experiment.
Al Fakher Large Solid and a bowl of DM . . . life is good!
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