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Default Re: Stigma? History?....I'm not getting it.

I really wished that a powerful part of the media would show hookah in a positive light, like how it is not used for illegal substances. I hate the fact that I can't even smoke out in my backyard cuz my a-hole 80 year old neighbor who lives next to my house will poke his nosy @$$ over the wall and most likely report me for smoking illegal substances, which I am not.

Hehe but the other neighbors behind my house are Armenian, so if they ever see me smoking it, I know for sure they won't think I'm smoking illegal substances cuz the hookah is kinda part of their culture as well.

But gahhh...I really wish the media would open up people's minds and show them that hookah isn't supposed to be associated with illegal substances at all because its getting to a point that it is seriously ridiculous.
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