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Default Re: First order of Tangiers!

Yay!*clears throat*

So i got my order of tangiers, my glass mouthpiece and narbish hose last night. First thing i did was open all my tangiers packaages layed them out on foill and spread it out to acclimate. I woke up this morning and was thinking that i was supposed to stir it up every hour so i stirred it before i left for work.

I got the order within 4 days and the shipment arrived on a sat so it was cool, plus they threw in 2 50g samples of hypnosis coconut and honey berry.

what happens if i dont stir the tangiers enough and just leave it out longer cuz when i get hoe it will be like 23 hrs or so of acclimating. and can i put it in old SB tins instead of tupperware?
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