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Originally Posted by oSPANNERo View Post
Pretty much the same recommendation from me, gonna have to check out the reviews.

The biggest hurdle in "recommending" for someone is their tastes. For example, Coyotero loves the more "natural" flavored Shisha.. earthy and spicy its for him. Me, however, I am a sucker for sweet shisha. Starbuzz, Social Smoke, JB, etc... love em.

Now if you ask me what I recommend vs. asking Coyotero (assuming we are just basing it on what we like) you will get two polar opposite opinions.

The trick is finding someone, either by written reviews or videos, who has similar tastes to your own. Best way is to look up reviews of brands/flavors you have already smoked and compare your experience with others. Once you found someone(s) you can use their other recommendations to help guide your future purchases.

How ever YMMV! There are always the differences in setup, heat management, packing, batches, etc that may make your experience a little different. Not to mention particular nuances that are "unique" to you. For example I *HATE* anise flavored Shisha so I know, no matter how much I agree with someone's reviews, unless they say "no anise flavor" I will probably hate most of the Apple/Double Apples out there.

Anyways, just my 23.367 Iraqi Dinars...
+1 i couldn't have said it better myself. If you are even in chat listen to KK or Spanner for fruity tobaccos and if you wan't something more natural like DM ask Coyotero, xanhonestpuckx, capthowdy. If you want to get into tangiers as me because i am a huge tangiers fan.
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