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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking


Being a Traditionalist is not about saying no to any and all change. It is not about being a Ludite and hating technology but it does have implications about how technology is implimented and it's purpose. Nor is being a Traditionalist about nostalgia or maintaining that some long distant epoch was some utopian golden era. This is a subject that to comment upon requires a fair amount of reading and thinking in order to have some inkling as to what it means to be a Tradionalists.

As to your points about "progress" I hold that Burke, Heidegger, Maurras, Chesterton, Pareto & Fiore have addressed that issue with such insight and clairity that the matter is resolved in my mind.

The tritual aspects or smoking certainly interest me as does the reasons behind ritual. That is why I don't look at it as a way to cause a stir at a party, I don't care about clouds or getting a buzz. Like all things worth while smoking takes a bit of effort and an appriciation of what goes into making a great session possible is a real delight.

In any case the topic has wondered a great deal from initial point but with just a few exceptions the comments have been worth reading and responding to.
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