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Default Re: Tunisian afternoon, at home in Madrid (Spain)

I feel certain that such cafes are to be found since I was at one just a few months back although I would presume that they exist all over Tunisia and North Africa in general. I doubt if it's a North/South issue so much as an urban/rural issue since that is my impression from basically every Middle Eastern nation I’ve visited. Often times women aren't allowed in the old style cafes and when they are they need to be chaperoned and are segregated in a separate area within the café. It is also my experience that such cafes have narghiles reserved for regular clients or the client can bring in his own and have it stored, cleaned and prepared for him by the staff. Such establishments rarely have factory made products and the owners/staff/clients it seems have no interest in such products. Instead, they typically have moassels/tombacs/moassel that are within about 100KM and are utterly lacking in glycerin, fruit or and semblance of mod flavours.
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