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Default Re: Vortex Bowl Question

Try packing your tobacco a bit tighter. I find when I use my Vortex compared to my Alien Mini Phunnel, the tobacco needs to be packed slightly tighter. The only way I could explain it is it's loose enough you can push down on it, but it will spring back to where it was before you pushed it down. Also, don't put holes near the center, and make a Lot of tiny, tiny holes. I put 2x foil on and use a 27g needle to poke my holes in 4 rings around the outside, spaced about 1/8" apart. I then start the bowl with 3 coals, then about 5 minutes in remove one and use a wind cover as needed. This method always gets me great flavor throughout the session, and typically lasts 45 minutes, when I add 2 new coals, and finish up about an hour and 20 minutes total.

Basically, it takes time to get the packing density, foil and hole pattern, and coal/heat management down correctly. It's definitely much different than using a standard egyptian bowl.
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