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Default Extra Large Hookahs?

I've had a Nammor Euphrates for 6 months or so now and love it. I'm in the market now for an extra large hookah though, mainly because of my main smoking location. The setup is a bunch of tall lounge chairs, so the 28" hookah isn't ideal for it. Ideally I'd like something as close to 4' as possible, but am having trouble finding a Current hookah that gets up to that size. I want to stick with a 'known' hookah such as a KM or MZ. I saw the KM Ra, but can't find it in stock anywhere, and that's about all I've been able to come across.

If anyone has any ideas or links to a hookah that's ~4' (I don't want to go too tall) that'd be great. I've searched the forums a bit and didn't find anything current so hopefully someone else has had some luck finding one. Also, preferably one you've tried and know is quality built. I have seen some complaints about the KM Ra's corrosion issues. I want something that'll last quite some time, and can be a daily smoker as well.
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