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Originally Posted by simmonsjeffreya View Post
Ok, I'm outside smoking another bowl of Watermelon now. Definitely a buzz this time, still not as strong as I expected though. Next time I'll order just regular Nakhla. This makes me wonder though, could the amount of shisha used be the issue? This time I am smoking a full Vortex bowl, last time was the Alien Mini Phunnel. Could it be that the fact I've got more shisha (roughly 2-3 times as much) in it leads to a greater buzz, or perhaps it was just a fluke last time? I even ate the same foods at the same times to get an equal 'full stomach' comparison, haha.
In theory, the less shisha you put into the bowl, the more buzz you'll get.

A smaller amount of tobacco will cook hotter. A bowl that burns hot will give you intense flavor but the smoke will become flavorless quickly, because the moisture content of the tobacco will have evaporated (the smoke is actually vapor). In that vapor is your nicotine.

On the other hand, if you had more tobacco in the bowl, the heat would be more distributed and thus, the moisture contents would vaporize slower. That way, the nicotine buzz would be less noticeable.

Short version: Take it slow, make your sessions last and you will buzz less. That's what hookah is about, right?
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