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Default Re: Extra Large Hookahs?

While I wanted to stick with KM/MZ, I also took a peak at this. The only thing that concerns me about this hookah, is that center tube all stainless steel? I know they say the outside is aluminum cast, but never mentioned the internal tube. And speaking of aluminum, I would think that that's not a good idea to use, considering aluminum is bad for your body (supposedly.) Then again, foil, heh.

Originally Posted by Drewzi View Post
You could buy the Mya Colossus there is a thread on this site with detailed pictures of the stem and they sell it at I have one and it stands 40'' tall but is extremely easy to clean because it breaks down into 3 tubes and all of the outer decorations comes off also. I have one and i love it, it is absolutely beautiful and a breeze to clean. check it out in this thread.
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