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Default Re: Videos for April 1st-May31st 2010 .. contest sponsored by Social Smoke!

Since I have been asked how I break my coals into half from thirds, I made a movie. *side note do not break your coals on your burner, you will crack the metal rings after a while*

Title: How to break exotica hookah coals

Description :This is how I break my exotica coals into manageable pieces. You may not get a perfect break on your first few tries. Just be careful that you cut your coals by a water source just in case they shatter! Thank you for watching, be sure to subscribe and check out the community. Your number one source for everything hookah.

I use a dedicated spoon holder, sponge and knife for cutting my coals. Please don't mix coals w/ food products. I'm not sure that it's toxic, but it's gross!

Also, please make sure you wipe down your counters,cabinets and floors. You don't want to accidentally leave any lit embers lying around as it IS a fire hazard and can cause damage/ house fires!



Title: baja blue shisha hookah exotica coals

Description:This is my product review of social smoke Baja Blue. This is a very interesting flavor if you like candied shisha. It's a minty berry shisha that produces great clouds.
Make sure you subscribe to my videos, and be sure to visit Your number one source for everything hookah!



title: clove shisha from hookahpro and socialsmoke

Description: This is my product review of clove from This is a spot on flavor and is perfect if you are in the mood for something "spicy".
This video brought to you by and the community. is your number one source for everything hookah!


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