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Arrow Hookah Hoses for Certain Hookahs?

Hey everyone,

Just joined the forums and just spent the last half hour reading all these threads and taking in all the great information here

I do have a (stupid) question...

I bought a hookah at my local hookah shop/longue but I'm not sure what kind of hookah it is. I'm just now learning there's all these different types of hookahs like Khalil Mamoon, etc.

I'm not sure what kind I bought, but it was $95 (I got a good deal... they were having a sale that day) and it's pretty big. It sort of looks like this one:

Except mine is blue, and the bottom is blue as well. The only difference is that the valve where I put my hose is not curved like the one in the link above.

Anyway, my question is do you think I'd be able to use Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hose on my hookah? I mean, even if I didn't have a Khalil Mamoon hookah would it work? I just fear that the hose won't fit in my hose valve.

Anyway, I hope this question isn't too stupid and someone can answer this .

I'll try to get a picture of my hookah up tomorrow.


P.S. Can anyone recommend a link to where I can get a nice vortex bowl? Thanks!
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