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Default Re: Hookah Hoses for Certain Hookahs?

Hi and welcome to the forum. To answer your questions, generally from my experience, you can fit any hose to any hookah. This probably isn't Always the case, but using various grommets, you should be able to. That being said, why do you want a KM hose, and not something washable such as a Nammor hose (no bias, just what I've learned to love.)

Also, if you take pictures of your hookah, if it's a known one, someone here will be able to tell you right away it seems. Especially when it comes to KM's. As for the Vortex bowl, you can buy them straight from the manufacturer, Sahara Smoke, or even check your local shops. I lucked out and found one at a local "import store" for $12.95. Not too bad considering I saved on shipping.
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