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Default Re: Cant taste..doing too much?

Originally Posted by Dusty62 View Post
The whole "taste" thing relys on the molecules of whatever flavor is present getting down into the receptor sites on your tongue so that they can be sensed. This bio system requires liquid to be present to carry those same molecules to the receptor sites. So, maybe ur mouth has been dry (a natural result from smoking) and the flavors aren't registering. Try drinking more water as you are smoking. Take a drink before taking a pull on the hose, hydrating your mouth and allowing the molecules of flavor from the shisha to be carried to where they need to go to taste them. Just a shot in the dark but it's a plausible solution. Smoke happy.

That's great advice. Drinking water is a great piece of advice any way. It cleanses the palette, brightens flavors and helps you avoid nicotine poisoning AKA hookah sickeness.
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