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Originally Posted by partylobster View Post
Hookah-Hookah and Starbuzz all seem to give me a really big buzz at the beginning but then not much else throughout the rest of the smoke. Of course Starbuzz is stronger, but HH is cheaper so...

Al Fakher is my favorite because not only will I get a large buzz, but I normally get quite a few separate ones throughout the course of the session. Its like having multiple orgasms!
There is so much wrong with these statements, I don't know where to begin.

Hookah-hookah, Starbuzz, and Al Fakher are all washed tobaccos. That means their nicotine content is nearly non-existant.

Believing that starbuzz is stronger because of it's price point is erroneous as well. Starbuzz is using the same weak-bodied virginia tobacco that's boiled until there's nothing left but the cellulose. Starbuzz is, despite the price point, the same basic can of stuff as AF, HH, Havana, or any other syruppy, washed brand. They charge more because they know people will pay for the illusion of quality.

It's most likely that you're getting your buzz from either the CO output (What coals are you using?), or Lack of oxygen (How big and how often are you hitting the pipe?). I don't believe you are experiencing a true nicotine buzz.

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