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Default Tobacco from Germany

A friend of mine recently broke my MYA bowl, and because I liked it I am planning to buy a new one.
Unfortunately they don't sell any in Netherlands afaik so I got this German Site

Because only buying a bowl is a waste of shipping costs, I was looking at the tobacco they are selling, and I saw some really nice tobacco I never tried:
- Nakhla Esk. Apple
- Nakhla Mizo Watermelon
- Nakhla Mizo Guava
- Nakhla Mizo Peach
- Nakhla Mizo Apple
- Nakhla Cardamon, Cinnamon, normal Apple.

Many! But.. I hear bad stories about German Tobacco, because the glycerin percentage that is allowed in Germany is lower than in the rest of the world, which results in dryer tobacco.

But what is the difference between German and 'normal' tobacco? Is it the flavour, or smoke lacking? Or what else?
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