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Default Re: tobaccoless shisha??

First of all Soex IS NOT HERBAL it is made from spent sugar cane and sugar cane is not an herb.

Not much more to say about Soex other then it's pretty mediocre (but not horrible by any means) and since smoking is about delighting the senses I don't see the point in smoking something that just isn't very good when you can buy tons of great stuff for about the same amount.

Given that risks of smoking cigarettes are widely overstated and anti-smoking research is blatantly biased I would treat any article about shisha with a lot of caution. Given that when you smoke a narghile you are not burning the tobacco to nearly the extent when you smoke cigarettes but rather vaporizing the liquids in the bowl the threat health wise would be far less were it not for the coals. Basically, the truth is that smoking narghiles is basically an unknown health wise but it certainly is a risk and smoking Soex will likely not reduce your risks. If you want to reduce the risks you are taking don't smoke more then a hour a day, don't inhale, clean everything after each session and make sure your coals are fully lighted before smoking.
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