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Default Re: Vortex Bowl Question

i poked them with a safety pin...and they were pretty small in i think 3 rows cant remember.. i packed SB mango (dif tobacco) pretty loose again. slightly past the holes and under the edge. and took a toothpick and went around the center thing to make sure the air flow was good. and then tried it in a reg egyptian to make sure it wasnt just me and the flavor was not as harsh. i also used a wind cover this time to help maintain the temp...same results. not like a definate harsh flavor..but i was like in the background. oo and i made sure i ashed often. lol it was a pretty "by the book" setup

lol idk mabe i just need to play around with it a little more...and getting some nats in the mail soon so mabe that might help

also someone suggested a tight pack on the bottom and losse on the top...i might try that tomorro. but i kinda doubt that would make a difference.

appreciate your help though
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