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Default Re: leaving hookah set up

Take it from a seasonal hookah smoker, please please PLEASE, clean your hookah, sure some hookahs don't "RUST" but they will develop nasty residue in the stem, hose ports, and purge valves, that make your session very unpleasant. Even Brass hookahs need to be scrubbed and rinsed. Stainless steel is the same way, and unless you want your sessions to taste like ass in a month, take a pipe cleaner of some type, and clean that sucker out, and the glass and acrylic bases, the longer you let that water sit mildew and other such badness WILL start to form a ring around the water line.

So it might not seem like a big deal to you now, but if you want your hookah to last you 2+ years, take care of it.

Smoking hookah is not supposed to be something you just let sit and rot, most hookahs are expensive pieces and are a pretty big investment when your first starting.

Respect your hookah, take care of it, or you'll be forking over more money in the long run.


Respect your hookah.
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