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Default Re: Is it safe to use Steel zinc plated bb's as ball bearings?

Zinc is a heavy metal which, in large amounts, can lead to heavy metal poisoning or metal fever. Trace amounts are actually essential for proper health, but those amounts are found naturally in food and water. There is a chance the zinc can seep into your vase and contaminate the water your tobacco is filtered through, though nothing suggest it would be anywhere near the amounts known to be harmful to humans.
Zinc galvanized water pipes are considered safe to accomadate drinking water, though there have been some potential health concerns from corrosive water causing the Zinc to leech into the water supply. It would suggest that a consistent flow of water with a low PH coming in contact with Zinc coated steel will eventually cause water contamination, though such an effect may only occur over many years of such contact.
I don't think using a Zinc galvanized BB would be detrimental to your health, but I am not a fan of introducing any possible contaminate to my respiratory system, so I would try finding a safer alternative. Try using a plastic Airsoft pellet. They are mainly composed of biodegradable plactics which are starch based, and, as of yet, have not thrown up any red flags in terms of health issues. It is always a good idea to play it as safe as you can while introducing something foriegn into your body.
Hope this helps. Smoke safe.
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