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Originally Posted by Variable View Post
This is the truth.

When I first came to this forum a couple of weeks back I was perplexed by the fascination with this so called "buzz", and cloud production. As far as the clouds go, I can kinda understand it. It is fun to see large, billowing clouds of smoke. This "buzz" concept, and why it is important, is still a mystery to me. I too smoke simply to relax, and enjoy new flavors.
Variable, as I've said before, there unfortunately aren't a whole lot of true tobacco lovers into this in the US. There are more on this board than I've seen anywhere else.

I think for a lot of folks, it has novelty appeal. It's got candy flavors and puffy white clouds and glass bottle you can put silly crap into. For these folks, it's a fun thing to do. For a tobacco lover, it's the same as with a pipe or fine cigar: It's about simple time spent.

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