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Default Re: What do guys put in ur vase

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Dihydrogen Monoxoide.

This stuff is amazing and really cost effective. It's ridiculous because it makes the flavor of the tobacco so much more pronounced than with anything else that might add a tiny bit of flavor. I know it an abstract idea but when smoking hookah I like taste the tobacco I am smoking and actually drink the drinks I bought rather than dump them down the drain. I'm a mad man I know.

It's also beautiful. Perfectly clear and kind of like liquid crystals when it bubbles around. It's used as a cleaning agent all over the world so there is no need to extensively clean the hookah after a session with it.

I'm telling you guys. I know it sounds dangerous and that super science liquids have no place in the vase but look it up and tell me what you think. It's worth it.
People OD on that stuff all the time, stay clear of it!
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