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Default Re: leaving hookah set up

Originally Posted by cdplayersony View Post
When you guys clean your hookahs do you use any kind of cleaner or anything? Ive always thought about using some dish soap or soemthing, but don't exactly know how that would go. I wanna get rid of the slight smell, but i dont wanna replace it with the smell of soap
For my base i use ivory hand soap, i put it on the inside of the neck of the base and then the hot water rushing from the sink makes it foam right up and then a hookah brush makes it sparkle. i then rinse count-em five times to make sure there is zero soap left in the base.

for the stem, i use a solution of 20% lemon juice and hot water, if the lemon juice lingers i wash it again with baking powder to counteract that.

the hose i follow's how to clean a nammor step for step and i make sure to let the hose dry for a full 24 hours
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