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Default Re: Coco-Nara coals going bad?

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
If your other box is "crap as well", id question the source
they dont put out a crap product, in fact its the best coal ive used so far
Gotta read the whole post. They were great prior to being stored while I tried other coals. SamB and BP's observations re: moisture are probably better bets. My source is good, aka,

I thought about the moisture thing after reading some of the "reclaiming coco coals" threads, but the only thing specific that would be moisture is Texas humidity. Maybe my other coals aren't as susceptible to humidity. They were not in a sealed Tupperware container so obviously they'd be exposed to changes in humidity.

Maybe I'll try the baking method with these if they're still bad may be just sitting in Texas weather, especially now that it's getting more towards summer, makes these work not so good.

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