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Default Re: Trouble with tangiers

Okay here is what i do with tangiers. I let it acclimate when i get it for four hours while it is spread out thinly on its packaging stirring it every hour. After that it doesn't smell bad and it should be ready to smoke, i PACK it into a medium phunnel, do not let it just fall in, pack the bastard leaving some room for the foil to not touch the tobacco. I put a single layer of foil and poke way more holes in it than you would think three circles of holes close together with one hole in the very center. I then place 2 coconaras on it with a wind cover and let it sit for around 10 mins. After 10 mins it us usually ready to smoke. Remember that if the humidity changes dramatically where you live you may have to re-acclimate it every time it changes.
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