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I've been really disturbed about this thread and ignoring it for a while but I feel the time has come to speak up for the good of the forum and the hobby.

For starters I dislike talking about buzz in relation to moassel since doing so has the connotations of illegal substances we should never be associating ourselves with. When I read about people seeking the biggest buzz I ( and almost everyone that isn’t in our hobby) assume that we talking about intoxication and that is bad thing for use all.

Frankly the idea looking for buzzes seems like a bad idea since it’s at odds with the whole nature of the hobby and reminds one of teenagers seeking out “legal highs”. I understand that most people at these forums are college kids looking for some exotic novelty who are happy with big clouds, candy flavours and getting a buzz but that is something I have and always will object to.

In any case, someone pointed out that’s impossible (literally) to get a nicotine buzz from AF/AW/SS/SB/Cuzzins/HF/HH/Fantasia etc. since for all practical purposes the tobacco has brrn boiled/washed/processed so heavily that the tobacco is just a flavourless cellulose that soaks up some artificial flavours and that mixture is drowned in glycerine.

When one gets a buzz 9 times out of 10 what they are doing is taking in far to much CO which really a bad thing to do health wise.

I hope against reason that more people will realize that real tobacco has a far more rich and flavourful profile then glycerine and candy/drink flavours.

Smoking shouldn’t be about warding off a nicfit, putting weird crap in your base or finding another way to taste candy/energy drinks/yuppie drinks/foods or blowing clouds big enough to hide your car. It should be about the joys of craftsmanship and the pleasures afforded us by a wonderful leaf.
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