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Default Re: Fans of Tangiers.

Smoked Tangiers for the first time last night and I am officially a fan. I have only tried cocoa but I decided to use my vortex bowl and 2 exotica pieces. Sprinkled it in until it was over the rim and then packed it down below the spire. Smoked great for ~30 min then got harsh, so I threw some more shisha on top and it smoked great for another hour. Great flavor and good, relaxing buzz. I've got a 250g of Tangiers Horchata on the way. So far some of my favorite shisha.
EDIT: I packed a new bowl last night in my large phunnel bowl after i watched the vids on how to properly pack tangiers and it was WAY better. No harshness at all and the flavor was more prevalent. Smoked until the coals ran out though i bet I could've lit more. Horchata comes in today so we'll see how that goes.

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