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Default Re: Fans of Tangiers.

I let it sit for about an hour, load it up in a small funnel, 3x cocos/CH to heat it up (~5 mins) then I take one off and windcover it up. I take off the cover at halve way through the coals and add the third. No cover again till they are little round guys.
Only smoked about 5 flavors so far. Only 1 fail bowl ever because I herp derp didn't read directions.
Originally Posted by A_Teator1 View Post
Smoked Tangiers for the first time last night and I am officially a fan. I have only tried cocoa but I decided to use my vortex bowl and 2 exotica pieces. Sprinkled it in until it was over the rim and then packed it down below the spire. Smoked great for ~30 min then got harsh, so I threw some more shisha on top and it smoked great for another hour. Great flavor and good, relaxing buzz. I've got a 250g of Tangiers Horchata on the way. So far some of my favorite shisha.
This^^^ Once you pack a bowl it's not set in stone!
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