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Default Re: atl local shops?

The shop in Little 5 is called Hookah Hookup. Good selection if you don't have the lead time for internet purchasing. Across the street is a store called The Junkman's Daughter, which, in front, is a whacky clothing/ variety shop and, in back, is a pretty decent smoke shop. They have a decent selection of shisha, including, but not limited to Hookah-Hookah and Fumari.

Heading south on Moreland from there, one runs into a street called Euclid forking off on the right (McLendon on the left.) Turning right onto Euclid, a small cafe called Ali Baba's will be on your left. They sell shisha and a couple of hookah accessories, but the selection is limited. The bonus: you can get shawarma.

Additionally, Blue Rat smoke shop on Cheshire Bridge continually alleges that they are going to stock hookah stuff, but none has thus far materialized. There is a cafe across the parking lot which sells shisha, but I do not know its name.

Lastly, Scottish Tobacco in a strip mall off Piedmont in Buckhead had, at one time, a middling selection of Roman varietals, but there was some talk that they were jettisoning their stash because of some anticipated legislation banning flavored tobaccos. You would do well to call before going.

Hope this helps!!

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